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Alien Fleet Diablo - Bio-Warriors Brood (One set of 9) with discounts applied!

Alien Fleet Diablo - Bio-Warriors Brood (One set of 9) with discounts applied!

Alien Fleet diablo good for any kind of tabletop miniatures and role-playing games! Sculpted to the highest level of details yet, the alien fleet diablo bio-warriors are your perfect choice in start collecting a fleet of the bio-slaughtering machines at your command! 
This set consists of 9 bio-warriors and each includes the following weapon options:
- Bio-shotgun
- Bio-pistol
- Bone Scimitar
- Bio-war scythe
- Vicious Claws  
- Nine 40mm sizes round base

Colored pictures only for reference. This model is a grey kit and requires individuals to cut, trim, glue and paint. 

A guide on painting: Although you can apply acrylic paints above our supplied miniatures straight away, it is highly recommended that you should prime it first since this is in resin. 

A guide on preparing: Although there are no requirements in washing, it is recommended to have the miniature washed to remove mold remover and any access that may affect the painting process. 

WARNING: This product is only suitable for 13 years of age or older. If you are underage (under age of 18) purchaser, please inform your parents before buying it! This is not a children's toy! Resin can be toxic if inhaled, and please wear a dust mask, safety gloves, safety goggles or equivalent protection during sanding, cutting, and trimming. We supply our customers with the highest grade of resin with little to no smell, but that does not mean you should go sniffing this up to your nose or eating the particles! 

Return and refund: If the package went missing or has any quality issues, please message us so we can arrange a refund and return policy. Thank you.

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